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Body Stress Release

Body Stress Release provides a better quality, healthier life. 

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Body Stress Release is a gentle health technique for people of all ages aimed at locating and releasing areas of locked-in stress in the body - a truly advanced approach to natural healing.

Body stress occurs when the body fails to adapt to an overload of stress. The stress becomes locked into the body and reduces overall efficiency, leading to an array of possible symptoms:

Body Stress Release is:

Suitable for Everyone

Body Stress Release is a gentle, non-invasive procedure for everyone, from babies to the elderly, as well as pregnant women. 

Activates your bodies self healing

It activates the body's own  self-healing ability to restore optimum function, health and well-being.

Not a one-size fits all approach

BSR distinguishes itself particularly because it is so precise, simple and gentle while delivering excellent results!

Better Quality of Life

Body Stress Release provides a better quality, healthier life. We do not believe in blaming age,
the weather, imagination or other external circumstances for feeling less than 100%!


Thank you for helping me with my sciatica! I used to have pain down my leg and into my calves, but now I don't have any pain anymore!

I used to take daily pain medication for my back, but since I've come for BSR, I have no need for medication anymore. It has certainly changed my life. 

My son was always complaining about cramps in his legs and a stiff, sore neck but now I never hear him complain anymore!

I don't grind my teeth anymore and my jaw feels relaxed after you have released my neck.

It is the first time that someone explained to me why I have such stiffness and pain every morning!


Body Stress Release

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