About Elizan Strauss

Elizan's own BSR journey:

"I love Body Stress Release!! Every day I am so thankful for this amazing technique.

Elizan Strauss Body Stress Release Therapy Newmarket Ontario Canada

I have always been active and love being outdoors. Therefore, my husband and I started doing speed-walking a few years ago and took part in races every weekend. Since his legs are much longer than mine, I had trouble keeping up with him. Not listening to my body, I pushed myself to keep up so that I always had backache and stiffness after a race. I had to exercise regularly, otherwise the stiffness would just become too much. I didn't realise it at the time, but this caused a lot of damage to my lower back and spine. Now I understand that the stiffness was my body's way of trying to immobilise or 'splint' my body in order to heal the affected areas. By the time I tried to have children, I couldn't fall pregnant in spite of a series of fertility treatments.

Then, about 6 years ago, my mom told me that she was interested in becoming a Body Stress Release practitioner. She has been seeing a Body Stress Release practitioner in South Africa for some time and was very positive about the technique, but I did not know what she was talking about! Then she sent me a very excited e-mail one day to let me know that a Body Stress Release
practitioner would be in Canada for a few months to visit her children, only a stone's throw away from where we lived. I phoned to make appointments, since I wanted to try this new technique that my mom was so thrilled about!

The practitioner asked me a number of questions about my health and body history. I told her that I actually feel very healthy, except for the fact that I have difficulty falling pregnant and had already been receiving fertility treatments on and off for 4 years. She gave me the initial three releases on day 1, 3 and 10 of the process and then set up further appointments based on my fertility treatment cycles. After the 5th session I fell pregnant and was overjoyed to be expecting! I have absolutely no doubt that the pregnancy was made possible by the healing and increased efficiency of my body as a result of BSR. I had a very healthy pregnancy with absolutely no back pain or hurt. Today Daniel continues to be a joy and blessing in our lives and we are very, very thankful that he was given to us.

Body Stress Release Canada

At that time, my mom also went on the Body Stress Release course and started her practice in South Africa. Given the blessings of BSR in my own life, I had an intense desire to complete the course as well. I have been a management accountant before Daniel was born, but I've always been interested in the health field and saw his birth and my maternity leave as an opportunity to change careers. However, the course was only presented in South Africa and I would have to go there for 5 months in order to do the course. In addition, Body Stress Release was completely unknown in Canada and my practice would be the very first in the country. It took me 3 years to finally reach the
point where I felt ready to uproot Daniel and leave my (very supportive) husband for 5 months. In 2009 Daniel and I left for South Africa where he was in a nursery school whilst I attended classes. I loved every minute of the course and found it a life-changing experience.

I returned in Oct 2009 and started up my practice. My family and I was the first to benefit: today I am so much healthier and stronger than I was before the course. I used to take half an hour to get 'up to speed' in the morning, because I was so stiff and sore in the morning. Regular headaches plagued my days. My family all benefit from regular releases now and I am continuously thankful for
such a healthy strong family. No colds, no aches and pains, no stiffness, no headaches, no cramps - just enthusiasm and energy and a zest for life!

Right from the start, my practice flourished. My clients saw distinct change in their bodies and reported wide benefits. I see amazing things happening in my practice every day and feel surrounded by love and thankfulness. My clients  experience levels of health and increased efficiency that they are so grateful for. And I continue to find it mind-blowing that such a gentle technique can be so effective on people of all ages. Yes, without a doubt, BSR is truly an incredible