"I just want to thank you for the releases that you performed on me. I was in tremendous, excruciating pain in my lower back. Thanks to the releases, that lower back pain has not returned. I tell everybody, this really works!"

"I would like to encourage everyone to make Body Stress Release part of their life. It is a non-invasive approach to improving your health in each and every way. It promotes body alignment, I am more aware of my posture and, as a result, I have no more 
back and neck pain. My migraine headaches are relieved. The key to this holistic approach is having a dedicated practitioner who is properly trained and committed to every individual's needs. My  practitioner makes me feel very comfortable and she is very confident in her  profession. The results show in her work."

"Great job - I would recommend BSR to everyone. In today's world, life is very busy and stressful, and I find it important to diminish as much stress as possible. This is the perfect way to do it."

A 25-year-old male came for BSR, complaining of severe 
constipation that he had been suffering with, on and off, for years. He had had no bowel movement for three to four weeks. After the first release, a bowel movement was passed the following morning, with a further movement after his second release.

A mother brought her 2-month-old baby boy for BSR. He had had a particularly 
traumatic birth, during which the umbilical cord had been wrapped around his neck. He had been crying almost constantly since he was born despite his parents and grandparents trying everything. He was also sick after each feed. When the baby came for the appointment, he was crying, and throughout the release he continued to cry constantly. At the second  appointment (although he was still crying), the mother reported that he had been sleeping a little better. Also, although he was still sick after feeding, he had been eating more. At the third visit, his mother said he had been much better and sleeping every three hours, only crying occasionally. By the fourth appointment, the baby had once again resumed a better sleeping pattern, had stopped being sick after a feed, and had started to gain weight.

A girl of 15 years came to BSR diagnosed with 
scoliosis. Her parents brought her to see if BSR could help with the discomfort and pain she was in. Seeing her for regular weekly releases and then fortnightly, after a short time her pain had subsided, she was regaining more flexibility and was able to start her dancing again, which she had been missing. After a six-month period, she went for a second X-ray. She had been told by the medics that her spinal curve could remain the same, as measured by the surgeons in degrees, but that usually the curve became more pronounced over time. Amazingly, her curve had improved and was actually 12-14 degrees straighter than the first
X-ray had indicated. BSR had helped release the stress and tension in her body. This resulted in the body being able to straighten up and return to its natural position. By the time she was to have surgery, the surgeons said that the operation was not really necessary, but that only a very small procedure was required.

After two weeks of 
traction in the hospital, a 50-year-old man could not walk due to severe calf pain. After two weeks of BSR (4 sessions), he was pain free and returned to work.

A 42-year-old woman with intense 
lower back pain was scheduled for surgery (L5 - S1 laminectomy). After 5 sessions of BSR, she was free of pain. Over the following 13 years, she experienced only mild pain from time to time, which was relieved by BSR a few times a year.

A 42-year-old man with a history of 
whiplash had been experiencing increased arm and hand numbness and weakness for three months in spite of intensive physiotherapy. After 6 sessions of BSR, full use of his arms and hands was restored.

A girl of 10 years of age suffered from constant 
neck pain with restricted rotation. All tests at the Children's Hospital were negative. After 2 sessions of BSR, the pain and swelling subsided and full mobility was restored.

After BSR, 
pregnant women have reported freedom from lower back pain and sciatica, and easier delivery than previous births. In several cases of infertility, women have conceived after body stress in the lumbar spine has been released over several sessions.

A 37-year-old woman experienced recurring 
cystitis (bladder infection) after the birth of her second child. The condition improved while she was taking antibiotics, but recurred as soon as she stopped the medication. The cystitis cleared after one session of BSR. When it recurred several months later, once again after one BSR session, she was symptom free.

"After my first release, I was able to sleep better, walk straighter and taller and my limp disappeared. I am 66 years old, have 
sciatic problems, both knees have been replaced at ages 55 and 57, I've had surgery on my left foot resulting in a bad fracture and I have arthritis everywhere. At age 16, I had a prolapsed disc in the lower back. I was put in traction for a week in hospital. After 3 Body Stress Releases, I had improved immensely in all problem areas. It also relieved my sinus headaches."

"My experience with Body Stress Release was absolutely amazing! After my first session, I felt as relaxed as if I had had a 
great night sleep! At first I could not understand how something like Body Stress Release could work, but after my third and fourth sessions, I could actually feel the stress leaving me. My posture improved as well as my digestion and I had never felt better!"

"I felt a huge reduction in stress after my second release. It felt like a large weight was lifted off my shoulders. I am a teacher of Special Needs students and experience a lot of 
emotional stress on a daily basis from September to June each year. After my fourth release, I felt that I was able to handle any crisis that came my way. In fact, a visitor to our school commented that I had the most easy-going walk he had ever seen! I had to laugh because usually I am running around the school like a chicken with my head cut off. I can't wait until my next release."

"Having gone through some major life changes in the past year, I was in a huge 
emotional depression. After only 3 BSR sessions, I felt as though the dark cloud that had been hovering had finally lifted. Even family members noted the positive change in my attitude and energy level."

A 48-year-old man was experiencing such intense 
calf pain that he was unable to walk. He was not aware of any pain in his lower back. A week of traction in hospital had not eased the problem. After the first BSR session, his lower back became very painful as feeling was restored to numbed nerves. The calf pain was unchanged. After the second session three days later, the pain withdrew from the calves and was felt in the hips and lower back. After further releases 5 days later, the pain in the lower back began to lessen. The final session was 3 days after that. Within two weeks the client was pain free and was able to return to work.

For several years, a 15-year-old boy had experienced the embarrassment of frequent 
bed-wetting, as well as intermittent lower back pain. After three sessions, in which pressure was released in the lumbar spine, he had no further bladder problems. The bed-wetting recurred a year later after a heavy fall at rugby, but cleared up once more after two sessions of BSR.

A woman of 28 had been experiencing almost constant 
headaches for 6 months, as well as a stiff and painful neck. She had 2 sessions of BSR. After each one, the pain withdrew, but returned within a day. Detailed questioning revealed that she had started using a new skin cream about 6 months before. She stopped using it and, after one further session of BSR, her neck stabilised and the headache ceased.

A man of 42 complained of 
numbness in his arms, pins and needles in his fingers, and hand weakness. Body stress was released in his neck over 3 sessions. He reported that full sensation and strength had returned to his arms and hands.

Every few months a 4-year old girl would wake up at night with severe 
stomach pain. On each occasion, she was rushed to hospital but all tests were negative. After a few hours the pain would ease. A BSR assessment showed body stress in the lower rib and diaphragm areas. Questioning the mother revealed that at times the little girl requested iced fruit juice before going to sleep. The problem did not recur when the mother withheld the iced drinks.

After mowing his lawn with a heavy mower, a 40-year-old man experienced sudden severe 
chest pain and breathlessness. The condition continued for two weeks, although medical tests were all negative. After body stress was released in the sternum and rib area, the pain withdrew and did not recur.

A 5-month old 
baby kept his arms in spasm against his chest and his gaze appeared to be unfocused. Cerebral palsy was suspected. After one session of BSR his arms relaxed. After a second session his mother reported that he was able to focus on her face and respond to her. Six months later his grandmother sent a photograph of him and a letter to say that his development was normal in every way.

A 3-year-old girl was described by her father as naughty, as medical tests showed no reason for her continued 
bed-wetting. During the two weeks after the stress in the lumbar spine was released, the bouts of bed-wetting steadily decreased in frequency, and then ceased entirely.

A 32-year-old woman had been suffering from a lot of 
tension headaches and sciatic pain following a car accident two months previously. After her first session of Body Stress Release, she reported that her lower back and hips felt much freer and that the sciatic pain had gone. After the second session, the headaches had started to ease and by the third session they had completely
disappeared. After a fourth session, the client reported that all her symptoms had improved and that she was no longer suffering any discomfort at all.

A 44-year-old female came for BSR complaining of 
cluster headaches, which would last for six weeks at a time and had been occurring for the past 17 years. The client came for BSR over a 10-month period, having three appointments a week for the first month. During the second month, there were two appointments and then an appointment once a month thereafter. After having BSR, the headaches cleared up. It also inspired her to give up a stressful job and go back to college to retrain in a career she had always wanted to follow.

A 38-year-female came for BSR to help with constant 
neck pain and regular headaches as a result of a skiing accident at the age of 24, when she had compressed four of her cervical vertebrae. Six sessions encouraged the client's own self-healing capacity, with the result that she no longer experiences the constant neck pain, headaches or the lower back pain.

A 49-year-old male came for BSR complaining of constant 
dizziness and pain in his right buttock since a fall down stairs two years previously. An MRI scan was clear. By just the second appointment, he reported that he had had no dizzy spells since his first release, that the pain in his buttock had completely disappeared and that he was feeling better than he had in years.