What is BSR?

In our daily lives, we are subjected to various forms of stress:  

Elizan Strauss Body Stress Release Newmarket Canada
Elizan Strauss Body Stress Release Newmarket Canada
Elizan Strauss Body Stress Release Newmarket Canada

Physical or Mechanical stress may arise from car accidents, falls, injuries, poor posture, repetitive incorrect exercises or incorrect lifting.

Emotional and/or Mental stress include anxiety about the future, death of a family member/friend, financial worries, competition in the workplace, depression and disintegrating family relationships. Emotional stress is often felt via hunched shoulders, tightened neck and jaw, and contracted chest and stomach.

Chemical stress factors include insecticides, pesticides, pollutants and certain food additives and preservatives. Chemical stress is growing in epidemic proportions due to the ongoing chemicalisation of our modern world. People vary in their sensitivity to chemicals - one person may be completely unaffected by a chemical, while another may show chemical stress (mostly severe headaches and/or nausea) from exposure to the same chemical.

When these stresses reach the level of overload, where the body is no longer able to adapt constructively, the muscles tighten protectively over the area of stress, causing pain, swelling and /or stiffness. This is a natural, protective reaction from the body asking us to reduce activity in order to give the body time to heal. If we ignore this plea and do not give the body the necessary rest, the stress will become locked into deeper muscle layers. This locked-in stress negatively affects our nervous system, reducing communication between the brain and nerves, and obstructing our natural self-healing ability.

Over time, layers of stress can become locked into the different muscle layers of the body - very much like the layers of an onion. With each additional layer, our body's ability to function efficiently is reduced. At this point, the body needs outside help to release the body stress and restore well-being.

Body Stress Release is a unique health technique aimed at finding and releasing these areas of locked-in stress. With the person lying fully clothed on a uniquely designed 'couch', the BSR practitioner carries out a series of gentle tests to locate the exact areas of locked-in stress, and determines the precise directions in which the stress exists. This is done by applying gentle pressure to various points on the body and observing the body's response. In this way, the body acts as a bio-feedback mechanism, supplying the information required.

The practitioner then applies stimuli by means of finger pressure using the directions indicated by the body. This enables the body to release the stress, relaxing the muscles and restoring effective communication between the brain and the nervous system, allowing for optimum self-healing ability.